Hands&Feet Ministry

Serving Christ by Serving Others

Reaching out to our community by providing food and basic essentials to those in need while sharing the love of Jesus to all we come in contact with.


Why we do what we do?

Those involved in the Hands&Feet Ministry have an understanding that it is by God’s grace that they are not on the other side of the table asking for a meal for their families. It’s because of Christ’s daily compassion shown to us when we don’t deserve it, that we are able to extend that compassion to others in need. We have the answer others are searching for which is Jesus Christ, and who are we not to share it?

Ultimately the Hands&Feet Ministry exists because Christ died for us and we are truly grateful. Jesus lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died. People are looking to change the world, we're no different. We just think you change the world one life at a time...one heart at a time...one act of kindness at a time.

The one thing we have in common – we are all broken, in different ways, but broken just the same. There is something beautiful in meeting someone in their brokenness and loving them enough to not let them stay there. That’s where the Gospel message comes into play. Our brokenness comes from our sin, our separation from God, so our ultimate goal for the Hands&Feet Ministry is to share the Gospel with every single person who crosses our path.

We believe that in order to speak into someone’s life, you have to have a relationship with them. We build those relationships every Friday, by giving a hot meal, or groceries, or clothing, or a kind word, or by offering a shoulder to cry on. Ultimately, meeting another's physical needs allows us an open door to meet their spiritual needs as well. 

Please join us in spreading the love of Jesus to those in our community.