We're always looking for committed individuals who love kids and want to serve the Lord through teaching and caring for His littlest members. Each person who joins the KidsQuest  team is called a KidMin Team Member. We believe that we all partner together in ministry as well as partner with parents in the spiritual training of LOC kids.


    A - ADVENTURE each child is unique
    D - DISCOVERY of new and old truths
    U - UNDERSTANDING their needs
    L - LOVE to be given and received
    T - TURNING POINT in your own walk with Jesus
    S - SERVING as Jesus did
You will find there are many opportunities for ministry with children. Our ministry is based on relationships. We want children to grow in their relationship with God and His Word. In addition we believe that children learn in relationship with other children and adults. The children you work with will look to you as a role model. You will have many opportunities to share examples from your own walk with God.
We are diligent in our recruiting, interviewing and placement process. No matter what your role is within our ministry you are an integral part of the body as we work together to effectively minister to the children that God entrusts to our care.
Listed below are just some of the many opportunities available in working either directly or indirectly with KidsQuest: Musicians, Artists, Acting, Story Telling, Teaching, Care, and all behind the scenes work like room and food prep.



1. Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. Be supportive and loyal to the pastor and leaders of LOC.
3. Must be in agreement with the Vision, Mission, Purposes & Core Values of LOC.
4. Complete COMMIT Class.
5. Live a spiritually surrendered life, keeping your home life in order.
6. Be faithful to attend regular church services.
7. Regularly attend a Bible study and/or have a quiet time with the Lord.
8. Make a minimum commitment in relationship with the ministry of KidsQuest .
9. Complete the KidsQuest KidMin Team Member Information Form.
10. Complete the orientation for KidsQuest and actively support all policies and procedures.
11. Be faithful to your assigned position.
12. Attend all meetings, trainings and workshops as able.
13. Find your own substitute from approved list if you know you will be absent.
14. Be at your designated post at least fifteen (15) minutes before starting time.
15. Give at least thirty (30) days notice when stepping down.
16. All Lead KidMin Team Members serve one month on/one month off rotations.


1. You will grow in spiritual wisdom and strength as you prepare weekly for your ministry.

2. You will feel the personal satisfaction of knowing you have done your best to share the love of Christ with another person.

3. You will experience the joy of seeing children come to faith in Jesus Christ.

4. You will make an eternal investment by helping your students assimilate biblical truth into their lives and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

5. You will grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, your team and your students.

6. You’ll get lots of hugs and smiles!



1. To seek out those individuals who are committed to serving Christ by ministering with children.

2. To provide our team members with adequate training equipping them in their role as teachers.

3. To provide adequate facilities, materials and curriculum and to keep these items in good order.

4. To support each team member in prayer and by providing adequate supervision and assistance.

5. To provide each team member with a clear statement of our philosophy of ministry and position description for their partnering role.



 1 – Application: 

If you would like an application mailed to you, you can contact Laura at the Kid's Ministry office at 805 376-1800 ext. 110.
You can also pick up an application from the Guest Services Counter on the weekends.
Once your background check is completed you will be invited to attend a KidMin Team Member Orientation.

 2 – Team Member Training

Once your background check has been completed, you will be given a complete KidMin Reference Guide.  Once you complete the orientation, you will meet with the Pastor of Kids Ministries to learn about our curriculum and how Sunday mornings run. You will be able to ask all your questions and get your picture taken for your namebadge.

 3 - Small Group Leader: 

After you complete the orientation, we will schedule an opportunity for you to sit and observe a class of your choice. Our desire is to match you with the service, and an age group that you love the most. After the first week of observation only, you will work hand-in-hand with both the age appropriate lead teacher of the class that you have chosen.

4 - Releasing/Certified Volunteer: 

After each step above has been completed, you will be released to participate in this incredible ministry that happens each week with our kids. You will be asked to commit to the current school year calendar. We ask our volunteers to commit to participating in only one service per weekend, attending church service the other hour of Sunday mornings.
If you would like more information on how you can get involved, please call 805-376-1800 and ask for Apryl Layton.