Small Groups




Having a hard time getting connected?

Are you wanting more out of your Christian faith?

Do you find yourself getting lost in a larger Sunday morning church setting?

Do you want to get out of your old ruts and become the person God has designed you to be?


Healthy life change takes place in the context of healthy relationships. When people gather in a Small Group environment for the purpose of knowing Jesus, great things happen. Life ideas are shared and healthy examples are seen. In real-time and real situations, we see beyond the scope of our own lives and into the lives of others who model healthy Christ-like living.

Small Groups make church personal. It’s one thing to hear a great message; it’s quite another to see how a great message influences how we live in every-day life. Small Groups connect the great messages we hear each week to the real-life dynamics that confront us from day to day.

Small Groups create families in Christ. As believers in Christ, we form under a united and common fellowship—the mission of knowing Jesus and being transformed by Jesus. Together we aim to share in the Christian journey and spur one another on towards love and good deeds. In many respects, we become a family beyond traditional, biological bloodlines by coming together under Christ’s commission.

Small Groups become the best source for pastoral care. By design, Small Groups are there for comfort and care when a member isn’t doing well. How so? When members of a small group relate like a healthy family, the needs of that family are shared amongst one another. True, sustainable care best takes place within the family.

Small Groups enable us to understand what Christ wants for us. Our involvement with Small Groups leads to life transformation and genuine fulfillment. Small Groups allow us the platform 1) to know how God has uniquely “hard-wired” each and every one of us and 2) to serve in line with how we have been “hard-wired.”

Small Groups are a place where we can ask questions and speak into each other’s lives. In this, we see the Body of Christ come to life as Small Groups explore truth and grace together.

Small Groups make it easy for relationally-oriented disciple-making. It is much easier to invite someone to a home for a BBQ than it is to a function at a church building. When a group becomes organized in its efforts to reach the needs of the surrounding neighborhood, disciple-making opportunities become normal occurrences.

Small Groups help the church become united. As a church body, we are in this together, so when Small Groups are organized, the church is able to make a profound difference in its surrounding community.